Mon Oct 14 2013, 5:00pm
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Regular Meeting


Director of Learning Report

TO:   Michael Green, Superintendent

FROM:  Asha Riley

RE: Director of Learning Monthly Update

New Evaluation Staff Training:

 I am pleased to share that all staff participating in the new evaluation (even our late hires) have now completed a comprehensive two day training. This training included an in depth look at our instructional framework, the criteria rubrics, outlined of the evaluation process over the course of the year, and clarified how their final evaluation would be formed. As this is a significant shift from our former evaluation process, I will continue providing one hour follow up training each month after school. The follow up plan is attached.

 All resources related to the evaluation are now posted on our district webpage to ensure all have access to them for reference.

 Curriculum, Technology, and Best Practice:

While some of our neighboring districts have taken the leap and purchased tablets for students, neither Steve nor I are comfortable racing into a 1:1 initiative without some significant planning. We agree there is great potential in the future with these resources but strongly feel there needs to be a very clear picture as to how the technology will serve best instructional practice. To that end we have decided to start looking at the research on the topic and meeting together on a weekly basis to discuss where the potential lies. In that process an opportunity came up to take a course that would help us explore the potential of digital learning tools and resources. In this course we will be assessing our progress with technology in Woodland School District, learning about effective practices for digital learning, and evaluating open source curricula.  As a result we hope to develop a vision and set goals that will help define futures plans related to technology and student learning. We look forward to sharing our learning with you along the way. So far I’ve become very optimistic regarding the quality of curricula and available in digital forms.

Grant Applications:

Two applications are in the works. The first is a state grant supporting the implementation of the new evaluation model. We will primarily use these dollars to support the continued evaluation training for staff and principals.

The other grant is being offered by the Digital Learning Department and will provide resources for us to evaluate open sources curricula. Ultimately this grant will help us assess the viability of open educational sourced curriculum in serving our transition to common core aligned instruction. I am very optimistic about this innovation in curriculum and glad for the opportunity to really evaluate its potential in depth with support from the grant.

Attached Files:
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