Mon Oct 14 2013, 5:00pm
District Meeting Room Portable
Regular Meeting


Yale Report

TO:  Michael Green, Superintendent

FROM:  Asha Riley

RE: Yale

Grade Level Small Group Instruction:

This year we sought to support instructional time of our teachers in the context of what can only be described as a very complex school schedule. Blended classrooms offer many opportunities and challenges, a particular challenge we took on is to increase direct grade level instruction. The support to increase Mr. Huffman’s scheduled PE times is proving very helpful to that end.  Rather than taking a whole classroom to PE he is rotating through two grade levels each PE period, leaving one grade level with the each teacher. This allows our teachers more for direct instruction to students at a specific grade level, which is a precious gift in a blended classroom setting. Each student still receives the same amount of PE each week, the teachers still get their needed prep time, and students get small group instruction at their grade level on a more frequent basis; a win for all.

PE and Recess:

Speaking of PE, the fall weather rolled in sooner than expected so a tent has been erected to provide shelter for PE and recess until the completion of the gym. At this time staff feedback is that this solution is working well as we eagerly await our gym completion. Each day it looks more and more complete and excitement is building among students, staff, and parents!

Yale Valley Library District:

The Yale Valley Library partnership with our school continues to be very positive. For the second year in a row they have offered to send our students on a paid field trip to the Vancouver Library and one other site in Vancouver. This year we look forward to visiting the Water Resource Center.