Mon May 13 2013, 6:00pm
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WIS Report

Woodland Intermediate School

Monthly Update

April, 2013


Throughout the month of April professional development opportunities at Woodland Intermediate have included MSP proctor training for staff, activities that support our Schoolwide Plan and the implementation of our revised extension block for next year.


We are in the beginning phases of student placement for next year. Developing balanced and equitable classrooms while matching learning styles to teaching styles has always been a priority for us. Teachers spent time evaluating students academically, socially and writing narratives about each student. This information is of tremendous value both in the placement process as well as well as providing next year’s teacher with information about each student. This information is passed onto WMS teachers through meetings that our 6th grade team will have with WMS staff in the coming weeks. An online system has been developed to store this information. Teachers are now able to go back multiple years and review teacher notes associated with student placement. We are appreciative to the technology department for developing this system. 


We have been busy creating teaching schedules, professional development schedules, and planning for next year. It is hard to believe we are down to 23 days of school remaining.

WIS started MSP testing on April 30th. So far things are going very smoothly.