Mon Feb 13 2012, 6:00pm
District Meeting Room
Regular Meeting


Director of Learning Report

TO:                 Michael Green, Superintendent
Asha Riley

RE:     Instruction, Curriculum, Assessment, and Professional Development Monthly Update

Winter Administration of the Math End Of Course State Assessment:

As you are aware, the state is now requiring students to pass an End of Course Assessment after completing Integrated One Math and Integrated Two Math.  For those students that failed the test last spring, they had the opportunity to retake the assessment last month. We worked with the counselors to identify who needed to take the test and administered the mid-year exam without any issues.

I am in conversation with the state assessment office regarding the Collection of Evidence option for students who continue to struggle to past the End of Course Assessment. The Collection of Evidence is an option where a student provides various samples of work to demonstrate they have the knowledge and skills tested on the exam. If a student submits adequate evidence, then this collection replaces their test requirement for graduation. Presently, the state only permits students who fail the test twice this option. This was traditionally how they treated students who struggled to pass the HSPE. However, now that students need to pass two high school math exams for graduation, it will be very difficult to require them to fail each exam twice before allowing them the option of completing a Collection of Evidences. I am advocating the state change their practice and allow students to submit a Collection of Evidence after failing the exam the first time.

Common Math Assessment Data Collection:

We recently completed our second trimester math assessments in all grades. We are pleased to see significant gains in student achievement thus far. I'm also encouraged as I watch how the staff are using this information. Staff conversations about the data focus on student learning and how they plan to adjust their instruction based on the information the test provides. The fact that they are reflecting on the results of their instruction is an important step toward improved math performance for our students.

Staff Learning Walks:

Our second round of learning walks was a great success. The staff were more comfortable sharing their observations and new learning. I also see the Principals taking more of the lead on these and getting comfortable facilitating the staff conversation around our Instructional Framework.  Our next area of focus, will be to observe effective relationships that promote learning in the classroom.