Mon Feb 13 2012, 6:00pm
District Meeting Room
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WPS Report

January 2012

TO:                 Michael Green, Superintendent
Mark Houk     

RE:                 WPS MONTHLY UPDATE

A highlight of this past month was Staff Learning Walks.  Earlier this Winter, numerous teaching staff from throughout the district volunteered to exchange Prep. Times in order to tour classrooms with colleagues.  Following the learning model and protocol established by the Administrative Team, during January our school hosted a group of Middle/High School Teachers, and later some on our WPS team visited classrooms of the Middle/High School.  Focus of our learning walks was on classroom environment and how it contributes to student learning.........after each visit, the group de-briefs about evidences seen in the room.

An interesting date we've had no Primary Teachers expressly volunteer interest in teaching at the MS/HS level, nor have any of the group from MS/HS expressed interest in jumping into the KG-3rd setting - ha!   

January also means "data time" at Woodland Primary...........Common Math Assessments, Benchmark Testing in Reading, and gathering all data together to review and problem-solve using our CAST Process.  And while our school continues to succeed, the overall data for this point, this year reflect the fact that our demographics are changing, and we face not only instructional challenges, but societal challenges that impact student learning and family connectedness with schools.

Family Movie Night was a huge success, with our largest turnout ever!  The new audio system we purchased earlier this Fall makes this an even more enjoyable family time!

*Finally, WPS sends a hearty "Atta Boy!" to our Woodland High School partners as they receive recognition for being a "top 5%" school in the state of Washington!*