Thu Oct 27 2022, 6:15pm
WHS Room 1204
Regular Meeting


Superintendent Report

To: Woodland School Board

From: Michael Green

Date: October 28, 2022

RE: Safety Update

A seemingly endless stream of school tragedies fills our news feed on a regular basis. It is no surprise that school safety is front of mind for all of us in education as well as for families. Over the last ten years, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been invested to improve the security of our school buildings. That investment has continued as we learn more about how we can protect students and staff more effectively. Our school administrators are constantly working to improve safety and regularly reflect and make changes toward improvement.  Adjustments to student pick-up, end of the day procedures, etc. have occurred in recent weeks.

Many of our efforts toward infrastructure improvements in our buildings (e.g., access controls, fencing, additional security measures.) have been and continue to be frustrated by supply chain slowdowns and subcontractor delays. 

As the Board is aware, we are continuing efforts toward systemwide improvement with the consultation of the Compass Consulting Group.  Their work is ongoing and comprehensive.  I asked Keith Merritt of Compass to provide a brief update on their work to date:

“I have attached a resource that is a "cornerstone" of the actual CPTED Safety-Security Assessment process - might be something for referencing/distribution at the board meeting.

Woodland SD #404 launched the "FACILITY Safety-Security Assessment", based on "CPTED" (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) principles in mid-September to include all school sites and facilities.  In addition to both exterior and interior reviews and "audits", the following five (5) strategies will serve as both guidance and opportunities for improvement.  Those strategies, which were distributed for review with local law enforcement and fire protection agencies are:

  1. ACCESS CONTROL (using controlled entrances and exits)
  2. NATURAL AND MECHANICAL SURVEILLANCE (ensuing easier viewable access of anyone accessing the school property)
  3. TERRITORIAL REINFORCEMENT (enhancing school district control of the property through fencing, signage, lighting, etc.)
  4. TARGET HARDENING (enhanced secure windows, locks, and human resources)
  5. GENERAL SECURITY CONCERNS (daily operational plans, crisis response practices, a mindset of "Situational Awareness")

As of this week, local First Responders have been advised of the ongoing assessment process and will be kept up-to-date as assessment findings are determined.  Each of the Woodland SD school site administration teams and front office staff have been introduced to the assessment process as have the key district departments of KWRL, Facilities, and IT - which will be kept up-to-date and potentially provide insight and resources that will enhance the SafeR-Secure Schools efforts throughout the district.  Initial EXTERIOR property/building reviews (including photos and videos) have been completed at all school sites, with findings identified regarding site secure access, perimeter control, and traffic flow. The next step will be detailed INTERIOR reviews focusing on such things as entrance/exit security, student traffic flow, and supervision management, as well as student arrival and dismissal operations. 

This is an ongoing process and obviously will look at the district and school-site Safety Security plans and procedures based on the unique interior/exterior features of each individual school site.  This will include a standardized district approach and an expansion of additional off-site EVACUATION / REUNIFICATION sites around the Woodland area for any necessary event leading to Student and Family Reunification.  Also included will be an "after-dark" assessment of each site focusing on appropriate security features and things like parking lot lighting.

The conversations with school site staff members have been very helpful as they can provide an "everyday" snapshot of strengths and concerns that they are familiar with.

Thank you for your continued support in this ongoing SafeR-Secure Schools project for Woodland School District, and advise if additional information needs to be provided.”