Thu Oct 27 2022, 6:15pm
WHS Room 1204
Regular Meeting


Columbia Elementary Report

To:  Michael Green, Superintendent

From: David Starkey, CES Principal

Date: October 21, 2022

RE: Columbia Elementary Board Report

Columbia Elementary Enrollment: 407 Students

Columbia has officially hit the 400 mark when referring to our student body. Having said that, our enrollment continues to grow.

The Expansion of Dual Language in WPS:

As you know Woodland Public Schools will be expanding our Dual Language program into Woodland Middle School starting in the 2023-24 school year. Currently, David Starkey, Asha Riley, and Dr. Russell Evans have been meeting to discuss what that transition could look like. So far, we have talked about our current program here at Columbia, provided tours of the DL classrooms, and shared the history of the program and the research behind it. Dr. Evans has and continues to show excitement regarding the program and the implementation process. We will continue to meet with the goal of eventually creating a broader committee to help plan and finalize the work and implementation process. 

Building Focus and Goals:

Columbia Elementary has generated goals for the 2022-23 school year. These goals consist of the following…

  1. Academic Achievement and Behavioral Growth
  2. Communication 
  3. Family Involvement

Columbia is finding great success with our daily targeted interventions, enrichment, and daily intervention methods. In addition, we have continued our focus on Social Emotional Learning lessons that are being provided daily in each class grades K-4. Another tool Columbia is utilizing is "Talking Points" which is a digital app that allows our families and school to communicate on a regular basis using a text message platform. Talking Points allow families to receive notifications in their home language. Lastly, Columbia has currently scheduled 4 family involvement nights to incorporate families into our building and experience the great atmosphere we have and continue to build.

Family Involvement:

Columbia is focusing on rebuilding our community connection with our families. Due to COVID, CES has been limited in offering family nights and community events. Currently, Columbia is planning on having a minimum of 4 family events for the 2022-23 school year. The first family night is November 15th. The event will be titled "Bingo For Books".

Food Drive:

Columbia will be partnering with The Rotary Club of Woodland for their annual food drive. The dates will be from November 14th-18th. If you would like to support this event, feel free to bring any food donations to Columbia Elementary's front office.