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Human Resources Report

To: Michael Green

From: Vicky Barnes

Date: December 6, 2021

Subject: Human Resources Report

Each workday begins with following up on employees who say yes to the daily attestation or who have a full day of sick leave without notes. In the last few weeks, there has been a pattern of symptomatic staff testing negative but symptoms are not improving. When their symptoms don’t improve they test again and the second test is positive. This pattern is concerning because employees can expose staff and students if they return to work based on the first negative test and then find out they are positive. I have communicated this pattern with staff and have seen an increase in both positive attestations and tests as they want to make sure and keep their building's staff and students safe.

Test results either from PCR tests or in-building positive rapid tests also need to be followed up daily. There is not only communication with staff for contact tracing but tracking responses to ensure we have accurate records. I am also tracking the testing of staff who requested an exemption from vaccination.  Additionally, I track the unvaccinated employees who test positive since those who are unvaccinated are considered immune for 90 days.

I continue to meet with newly hired staff, coaches, and substitutes who request accommodations for the vaccination mandate. Volunteers will now also have the opportunity to request an accommodation. 

Interviewing substitutes and processing them is a high priority. All of the districts in this area are experiencing a substitute shortage which obviously has a huge negative impact on the schools. Since the beginning of school, I have processed 33 new substitutes, 24 of them are certificated. Our total number of substitutes is 106, 68 of them are certificated. I have posted on Facebook a link to our job opportunities with a short explanation of the positions since some may not be familiar with the terms paraeducator or emergency substitute.

Lastly, I am working with administrators to complete the documentation that tracks what support is given to staff who are teaching either out of endorsement or on a conditional certificate. This usually includes connecting the teacher with another teacher who has that endorsement so if they have questions they know whom to go to for answers. Teachers with conditional certificates are given support by the school’s coach and the building administrator. In the spring I will complete the Educator Equity Data Collection that confirms any out of endorsement assignments have been approved by the board and supports have been given to the educator.