Thu Dec 16 2021, 6:15pm
WHS Library (Also Available via Zoom)
Regular Meeting


Columbia Elementary Report

To:  Michael Green, Superintendent

From: David Starkey, CES Principal

Date: December 16, 2021

RE: Columbia Elementary Board Report

2021-22 CES Enrollment:

    • Currently, we have 378 students enrolled at Columbia Elementary.
      1. Kindergarten: 76
      2. 1st Grade: 71
      3. 2nd Grade: 73
      4. 3rd Grade: 94
      5. 4th Grade: 64

School Data Continues to Rise at Columbia:

    • School-wide data continues to improve at CES. As a school, we have been progress monitoring our students on a regular basis. The results we are seeing are extremely encouraging. This substantial growth is a tribute to the hard work and dedication our staff and students are doing on a daily basis. Our next benchmark testing will be when we return from Winter break.  

Bringing "Normal" Back in Schools:

    • Last week, CES had their first PBIS assembly in nearly two years. In addition to PBIS assemblies, CES also had a Veterans Day assembly. It's amazing the impact something as simple as a school assembly can create within a school's culture. Both events were broken into K-2 and 3-4 grade bands. Due to COVID protocols, we as a school have not invited spectators to attend, however, our hope is that will change in the near future.

2021 Winter Concert:

    • CES will be doing our winter concert a bit differently this year. Due to COVID protocols, Columbia Elementary will be recording their concert and sharing it with families through social media outlets. The concert recording will be sent to the community prior to the dismissal of the winter break.

Student-Generated Clubs at Columbia Elementary:

    • Roughly a month ago, I was approached by a group of students wanting to start a club here at Columbia Elementary. I directed the students to write down their proposal, find an advisor and complete a few more minor tasks. Not only did the students do it, but they generated interest from additional students. I am proud to announce that CES is currently working on creating 3 student-generated clubs and 1 staff-generated club.

Here are the generated clubs:

Learning Club

  • 4th-grade students helping K-2 students learn (Leader: Marlee Stutz-Moses) 

Art Club 

  • Students participating in art activities after school (Leader: Lauren Schmick/Carey Hanson)

Gardening Club 

  • Creating a school garden (Leader: Darren Sheaffer)

Reading Club 

  • CES staff members supporting 4th-grade readers (Leader: Sarah Taylor)

Operation Candy Cane Lane: 

    • The K-4 administration team wanted to do something a little special for our Pre K-4th grade students this holiday season. Having said that, all three elementary schools with the partnership of the Woodland PTSA will be participating in "Candy Cane Lane." Candy Cane Lane is an opportunity for all elementary level students to drive through, receive a gift, sing some songs, and enjoy some hot cocoa. Students will also have the opportunity to see our special guest, Santa.

                                        The event will be Thursday, December 16th from 5:30-7:00pm

            The event will take place in the parking lot located near the Woodland Middle School commons.