Thu Dec 16 2021, 6:15pm
WHS Library (Also Available via Zoom)
Regular Meeting


Nomination & Election of Board President

Per Policy 1210, President Janice Watts will relinquish the gavel to Board Secretary, Michael Green, who will call for nominations from the board, for board president. Once elected, the secretary will turn the meeting back to the new board president.

Policy 1210 states: "A newly appointed board member will not be eligible to serve as an officer (President or Vice President) unless a majority of the board has been appointed."

Policy 1220 outlines the responsibilities of the Board President:


The President presides at all meetings of the board and sign all papers and documents as required by law or as authorized by action of the board. The President shall conduct the meetings in the manner prescribed by the board's policies, provided that the President shall have the full right to participate in all aspects of board action without relinquishing the President, including the right to vote on all matters put to a vote.

It is the responsibility of the board President to manage the board's deliberation so that it shall be clear, concise, and directed to the issue at hand; summarize discussion and/or action before moving on to the next agenda item; and to generally manage the meeting so that the agenda is treated in an expeditious manner.

The President will be the official recipient of correspondence directed to the board and will provide, or cause to be provided to other board members and the superintendent, copies of the correspondence received on behalf of the board.

The President is authorized to consult with the superintendent on issues such as board meeting, study session and board retreat planning prior to presentation to the full board and perform tasks to facilitate board meetings.

In dealing with the media and the public in general, the President or his/her designee will serve as the spokesperson of the board. The President is authorized to report and discuss those actions which have been taken and those decisions made by the board as a body. The President will avoid speculating upon actions or decisions which the board may take but has not yet taken.