Thu Dec 16 2021, 6:15pm
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Student Representative Report

To: School Board of Directors

From: BrookLynn Donald

Date: December 7th, 2021

RE: Student Representative Report

Details in the Report

  • ASB Changes for WHS
    • Bathroom Issues and Fixes/New CLC Policies
  • Winter Sports
ASB Changes for WHS

On Tuesday, November 30, the ASB Officers for WHS met with school administrators to discuss certain issues that ASB has noticed during the 2021-2022 school year for students at WHS. Two of the main topics that were discussed at the meeting specifically were vaping in the bathrooms and CLC issues.

Bathroom issues with vaping have been issues all across the nation this year, with more and more students in high school wanting to vape. At WHS, students have started to notice more of their peers vaping in restrooms during passing periods when some students need to use the restroom before classes. With an increase in vaping in bathrooms, students have been complaining of being inconvenienced to resort to using restrooms during class time, or most notably having to “bathroom hop” during passing periods. Therefore, because of student frustration with the restroom situation and a want to help students with vaping issues at school, WHS ASB and Admin have come up with a solution to the bathroom issues this year. In order to make sure students are either caught while vaping or admin know when a student intends to vape, certain school administrators are discussing possibly standing outside of restrooms for a few minutes in between classes to give an adult presence in the hallway. WHS is also looking to install magnetic door locks to keep bathrooms open during school hours. For the safety of the students at WHS and for the students who are unable to use the restrooms during passing periods, WHS ASB and School Admin are sure these new policies will help students get to class on time and help the amount of students needing to leave class early because of the bathroom issue.

WHS students have also been adamant that CLC (A designated thirty-minute window used to discuss career, life, and college) has not in it of itself been effective over the course of the 2021-2022 school year. Some things during CLC have served a purpose (such as going to the college fair and using Naviance every once in a while). However, most of the time during CLC has been pointless and students tend to either talk to friends or just use the time to do homework. With this in mind and ASB and Admin knowing that Naviance is useful, they are looking to shorten CLC and possibly add a snack period in between Periods 2 and 3. This would allow students who have lunch during white lunch (which starts around 12:40 for A-L, and 1:00 for M-Z) to eat and not be extremely hungry during their 4th period. This would be an amazing opportunity for students, as they would be able to complete Naviance assignments and stay on course for graduation, while still accomplishing the idea that students should no longer go through school extremely hungry, specifically during 3rd and 4th period.

Winter Sports

On Monday, November 15, WHS winter sports practices started. After Thanksgiving Break, WHS kicked off the first of the basketball games starting Tuesday, November 30 with a win for the varsity and JV girls. Following that, a win for the varsity boys basketball team on Wednesday, December 30. WHS students are wishing the best of luck for our winter teams and will be cheering them on throughout their season. Go Beavs!