Thu Dec 16 2021, 6:15pm
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Woodland High School Report

To: Michael Green

From: Phillip Pearson

Date: December 10, 2021

RE: WHS Report

Strengthening our partnership with LCC

Last Wednesday, Asha Riley, Terra Pfieffer, and I met with several LCC staff to continue to
build and strengthen our link to LCC. We anticipate that, in the very near future, an additional
option for finishing HS for our ELL students will be made available by combining resources with
LCC. Our next meeting will be aimed at expanding our dual-enrollment CTE courses through
LCC. Ultimately we’d like to see ALL of the WHS CTE courses be established as dual credit
courses. The LCC staff have been unbelievably helpful and flexible. LCC is rapidly becoming a
key partner for us in the area. Thanks to Asha and Terra for driving this partnership forward.

The yummiest classroom in the building

On Tuesday, culinary students participated in Cupcake Wars 2021. Teams of students were
challenged to develop their own cupcake recipes, bake and decorate their cupcakes, and
then present them to a faculty panel for judging. I happened to be observing in that classroom
that day (what a fortunate coincidence) and so I had a chance to sample the results. Here are
some pictures for your enjoyment.

Kids need to be in class

Punctuality is a critical life habit, and most of our students make it to class almost every day on
time. In order to encourage those that struggle with this particular habit, WHS has reengineered
and tightened our existing tardy/lunch detention procedures. Although we will probably never
solve this problem entirely, there is already a noticeably stronger sense of urgency to get to
class among students.

Current Quarantine Status

Below is a graph of the number of students excluded from WHS over time. Over the past two
weeks, we have stabilized at about 5 -7 medically excluded students per day. As of 12-12, 5
students were medically excluded.