Mon Oct 28 2019, 5:30pm
WHS Room 2203
Regular Meeting


Student Representative Report

To: Michael Green

From: Camila Avelar
Date: 10/28/19

WHS October 2019 Board Report 


The last month has been a lot of fun for Woodland High school 

Details in this report will be

  • Homecoming 
  • Dutch Bros Donation
  • ASB Meeting topics


This year’s overall spirit theme was “Battle of the Classes”. The dress-up days (in order) were Ages day, Sports day, Color war, Ancient day and Spirit day. Dress numbers were low but it was still a fun time. The ending beaver point scores had Seniors and Staff tied in first, Sophomores coming in second, Juniors in third and Freshman following at 4th. 

Dutch Bros Donation

The first day Dutch Bros opened up in Woodland, Dutch Bros donated a dollar of every drink sold to ASB. The donation came out to be a little over $2000! This was brought up at our second ASB meeting and we asked for ideas that the money could be used for. The one that caught the officer’s eye was paying for a permanent rooter bus. We had rooter buses in the past but never a permanent one. This idea was brought up to Mr. Shoup and Mr. Uhlenkhott during the officer’s executive meeting. Mr.Shoup said it would be a bit costly to buy a bus but could still have the money donated towards other things that benefit the student body. Such as getting a rooter bus to a playoff game with no cost or donating the money to the junior class to have the prom tickets be sold for less. These ideas have not been brought up to the student body yet but will be in the next ASB meeting. 

ASB meeting topics

One of the big topics talked about during the ASB meeting was the possibility of having an open campus again. This rule was changed when we switched over from the old High school to the new one. The topic was brought up to Mr. Shoup and Mr. Uhlenkott. They said if we do proceed with the open campus that they will be there supporting the closed campus policy. This issue will be brought up again in the next ASB meeting to see the student body’s opinion on the matter again.