Mon Jun 26 2017, 5:30pm
District Meeting Room
Regular Meeting


New location for school board meetings

The business office staff are currently shoehorned into one-half of the two-room portable that the board currently meets in. They have requested the opportunity to expand into the District meeting room. With this transition, the district registrar who also serves as Stacy Brown's assistant will be moving to the business office.

Though this is not an ideal situation in so far as it eliminates an important meeting room, I do believe it is important for the effective operations of the business office.

The purpose of this discussion will be to determine an appropriate regular meeting place for the board beginning with the July regular meeting.

There are several options to consider:

  • Woodland High School Library
  • Woodland High School Career Center
  • Woodland Middle School Commons
  • Woodland Middle School Library
  • Woodland Primary School Library
  • Woodland Intermediate School Library

Of these options, the two locations at Woodland High School may make the most sense.  All of the options may work effectively.