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Woodland Primary School Report

To: Michael Green

From: Ingrid Colvard

Date: September 7, 2016

RE: Woodland Primary School (Grades PreK-1) Report


New Educator Training (NET)

New employees were brought into the Woodland Public Schools family with a week dedicated to their orientation. The first two days were facilitated by district personnel, while instructional coaches Patricia Jones (WPS) and Malinda Huddleston (WIS) crafted an experience over the next days to ensure new teachers had exposure to curriculum, assistance with initial lesson planning, and opportunities to make inquiries and receive support. All staff involved have expressed their deep gratitude for this invaluable time to begin their work.

Relationships, Vision and Culture

Woodland Primary staff met together for the first time all day on August 25th, beginning the work of crafting a plan to make the district vision a reality at every level of our building system. It was readily acknowledged that this will only become possible if every staff member is part of a highly cohesive and dedicated team and that a foundation of trust is imperative. New team members were welcomed warmly, dreams and goals for the coming year were articulated, and feedback indicated that there is much hope and optimism as the year begins.

Systems of Intervention and Support

Certificated PreK-4 staff participated in a very powerful training August 26th. Facilitated by WPS Social Worker, Spring Dowse and WIS Counselor, Lindsay Hill, educators learned how to respond effectively to students experiencing distress or struggling with behavior issues. This training was the culmination of an extensive PreK-4 plan developed over the summer by building administrators, instructional coaches, and student support staff. This comprehensive approach to student support is based on national best practices and proven interventions. We are seeing very positive results in these first days of the school year.

Beginning the New Year

Kindergarten parents were welcomed on the first day of school with an invitation from PTSA to attend Coffee, Tea, and Tissues after dropping off their students. Parents connected with one another, learned how to become involved in the school, met staff and toured the building. Children are learning new routines, making friends and connecting with their teachers very quickly. Our kindergarten students attending half days through September 9th has been a sensitive transition to school, making the adjustment to full days less difficult. First graders are focused on establishing strong classroom communities and seem to be very ready to get busy learning!  

Upcoming Events…

Book Fair: October 3-7

Open House: October 4th

6:00-7:30 pm