Mon Dec 14 2015, 5:00pm
District Meeting Room
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Athletics Report

Athletics Report

To: Michael Green

From: Paul Huddleston

CC: Board Members

Date: 12/14/15

Re: WHS Athletics Report

HS Boys’ Basketball

  1. 27 athletes turned out
  2. Varsity record (0-0 league, 1-1overall)

          i.     Varsity going to Yakima to compete over Christmas Break.

  1. JV record (0-0 league, 2-1 overall)
  2. JV2 record (0-0 league, 1-0 overall)

HS Girls’ Basketball

  1. 19 athletes turned out
  2. Varsity record (0-0 league, 0-1 overall).
  3. JV record (0-0 league, 1-0 overall).

HS Wrestling

  1. 39 athletes – highest turnout in recent memory.
  2. 5 girls are competing – our first girls’ team ever!
  3. Isaac Andersen won a heavyweight championship at our first tournament. Team competed well.

HS Dance

  1. 12 athletes turned out

           i.     First competition on 12/5 – only two teams 1A-3A have score higher so far.

HS Cheer

  1. 14 athletes turned out

           i.     First competition January 16 @ Union High School.


  1. Preliminary WIAA Classification count has us as the 4th smallest 2A in the state (476 students grade 9-11).
  2. We will begin our search for a new varsity football head coach sometime after the new year.
  3. WIAA Classifications will be officially set in January. Looks like there could be changes to our league.