Mon Dec 14 2015, 5:00pm
District Meeting Room
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TEAM Report

TEAM High Report

To:            Michael Green

From:        Dan Uhlenkott

RE:            TEAM High School Update

Date:         December 14, 2015         

Brad Sprague (officer of Washington Association of Learning Alternatives) will be here on December 8 to assist TEAM High School and Lewis River Academy with our upcoming audits.  During this time he will review our records and then role play as an auditor in order to give us a trial run.  This is a service that he provides free so we are taking advantage of this opportunity. 

This year we have instituted a higher level for students to achieve in order to have satisfactory progress every week.  The standard that we established is low enough that each student can achieve the standard, but yet some do not.   If a student does not meet the standard three consecutive weeks they are withdrawn from TEAM High School.   They can petition to be re-enrolled but are put on a three week contract that must be adhered to otherwise they are dropped from the program for the remainder of the school year.  If they are dropped they can enroll at Woodland High School or Lewis River Academy.  The minimum each week for special education students is adjusted by the special education program if necessary. 

Mia Nigro will be leaving us at the semester to get married and move to sunny California.   Her lost will have a dramatic effect upon our program.   She is a superstar teacher with heart for disadvantaged students.  We wish her the best of luck in her new adventures.