Mon Nov 9 2015, 5:00pm
District Meeting Room
Regular Meeting


Change of November 23 Board Meeting time and Venue

At the November 23 board meeting we will celebrate the service of outgoing board members Jim Bays (42 years of service), Tina Cayton (8 years of service), and Jeremy Stuart (4 years of service)   The board will host a reception prior to the board meeting (The start of which is proposed to be delayed until 5:30).


Please consider changing the location of the board meeting to Woodland High School.   With board approval, the reception will be hosted in the South classroom wing shared learning area with a board meeting to follow in the library.


Administrative Recommendation /MOTION/  "I move we change the location and start time for the Novmeber 23 board meeting to the WHS Library at 5:30 pm"