Mon Nov 9 2015, 5:00pm
District Meeting Room
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Yale Report


To:     Michael Green

From: Asha Riley

CC:    School Board members

Date: 11/4/2015

Re:     Yale Report

Celebrating Yale Staff:

Recently an article highlighted last year's student success on the Smarter Balanced Assessments. In the article a theme emerged, our school success was a collective effort. No one person at Yale elementary ever takes credit for the successes of the school, they all celebrate each other because they work as a team. Many are unaware of the added responsibilities staff have being part of a rural small school. Below I'd like to highlight and celebrate our teachers for the additional work they do to keep the school operating smoothly.


In addition to teaching, Kyle and Veronica share many additional responsibilities. A major undertaking is developing the school schedule to accommodate direct instruction of 6 grade levels, provide time for intervention groups, and then readjust those schedules when we have unexpected late starts due to weather or early releases for conferences. This task is complex to say the least. Everyone at Yale walks around with a daily schedule because no day of the week is the same.


All our teachers do a wonderful job of communicating on a weekly basis with all our families. Without a full time onsite secretary, they have taken on the responsibility of ensuring our families are well informed of school happenings. 

Behavior Management:

All classroom teachers respond to issues within their classroom, but not all instances occur there. Often incidents occur during a game on the playground or at the lunch table. At Yale our teachers ensure every incident is addressed and resolved in a timely manner. When intervention from the principal is required they let me know and I head out there. However, these instances are rare because they handle student issues so well. 

The hard work of our Yale teachers is to be celebrated. They truly go above and beyond!