Mon Nov 9 2015, 5:00pm
District Meeting Room
Regular Meeting


Approval of Policies 3141, 5202, 5222, 5231, 5251, and 5253

Policies  5202, 5222, 5251, and 5253 are presented at second reading for approval without any modificaitons from first reading.

Policy 3141 has been modified from first reading to include the addition of language the defined the prioritization of admission of nonresident students.   The attached policy shows the language added following first reading in redline.


Policy 5231 has been modified to reflect requirements of WAC 296-126-092 which was absent from the WSSDA recommended policy. 


Adminiistrative Recommendation /MOTION/ "I move we approve policies 3141, 5202, 5222, 5231, 5251, and 5253 as presented"

Attached Files:
3141 Rev 2.1.pdf application/pdf 63K
5202 REV.pdf application/pdf 100K
5222 REV.pdf application/pdf 55K
5231 REV2.pdf application/pdf 74K
5251 REV.pdf application/pdf 55K
5253 REV.pdf application/pdf 70K