Mon Nov 9 2015, 5:00pm
District Meeting Room
Regular Meeting


TEAM Report


To:          Michael Green

From:     Dan Uhlenkott

RE:         TEAM High School Update

Date:      November 9, 2015  

Our TEAM High Staff (Mia, Elizabeth, Mary and Sarah) attended an alternative school conference sponsored by our state association (Washington Association for Learning Alternatives) on Friday, October 30 at the Clark County Skills Center.  Valuable information is presented yearly.  This year TEAM High School will have a full audit if the state stays on its current cycle.    

November 3-5 TEAM High students took the HSPE Reading and Writing State Exams.  We combined our students with Woodland High School students and tested them as one group.  This test was for the Class of 2016 or earlier who did not previously pass the Reading and Writing HSPE.    

Our new staff member, Elizabeth Vallaire, is adapting very well to TEAM High School.   Students are not apprehensive to engage her in their learning math, science or any subject.  Elizabeth understands the importance of contacting parents and documenting every transaction.  

Our enrollment is average for this time of year.  We usually have 85 students.