Mon Oct 8 2012, 6:00pm
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LRA Report

Lewis River Academy Report

Content Connects:

In the afternoons our teachers have been providing families opportunities to come in with their children and learn together about specific reading, writing and math concepts and skills. The teachers use this time as an opportunity to model solid instructional practices for the parents while specifically helping students who are struggling with particular skills or concepts. I have had positive feedback from parents and the groups are growing weekly. Mrs. Knudson offered two sessions on how to use the writing process. At our most recent parent partnership meeting parents requested more science support so in the next few weeks Mr. Knudson will be designing lessons for students and parents to explore the scientific process.


We have found that our new home is just too small for all our needs. We did quite a bit of research around town for alternate locations but commercial costs are just too high and I became a bit discouraged.  Then it struck me, we don't need an entire new location for all our needs. What we really need is access to large space to achieve activities like Content Connects -especially for science (we can't do many of the science lessons in a room full of computers).  In an effort to think outside the box I realized we have an opportunity to partner with one of our local churches. I contacted Pastor Scott La Pierre at Woodland Christian Church across from the high school. They have a large community room that is not used daily. They also have a large home-school population in their church. I proposed to him that we rent the space for a nominal fee for afternoon use for our Content Connects and also invite the home-school families to join us during those lessons. He is presenting the idea to his home-school group and his church board Sunday and get back with me next week.