Thu Feb 24 2022, 6:15pm
WHS Library and Zoom
Regular Meeting


Approval of Resolution 22-02 - Modifying Director District Boundaries

RCW 29A.76 Requires School Districts (special purpose districts) to "periodically redistrict its governmental unit, based on population information from the most recent federal decennial census"

Consistent with past practice the district has had Sammamish Data Systems review our director boundaries with the newly released federal census data.  They are proposing revisions to director districts that meet the requirements of RCW 29A.76.010(4):

(4) The plan shall be consistent with the following criteria:
(a) Each internal director, [...] district shall be as nearly equal in population as possible to each and every other such district comprising the [...] special purpose district.
(b) Each district shall be as compact as possible.
(c) Each district shall consist of [a] geographically contiguous area.
(d) Population data may not be used for purposes of favoring or disfavoring any racial group or political party.
(e) To the extent feasible [...] district, the district boundaries shall coincide with existing recognized natural boundaries and shall, to the extent possible, preserve existing communities of related and mutual interest.

The proposal for director district boundaries has been developed in the form of legal descriptions and maps.

RCW 29A.76.010(5) requires that at least one week prior to the adoption of revised director boundaries, the board must hold a public hearing on the proposed boundaries.   The board held this hearing on January 27th.  There was no public comment offered at the hearing.   Resolution 22-02 which adopts the proposed revisions to director districts is for consideration and adoption by the board.

Administrative Recommendation /MOTION/ "I move we adopt resolution 22-02, adjusting Woodland Public School director districts."

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