Thu Feb 24 2022, 6:15pm
WHS Library and Zoom
Regular Meeting


ELL Report

To: Michael Green

From: Darcy Soto

Date: 2/14/2022

Re: Board Report

ELL/State Transitional Bilingual Intervention Program and Translation Services

  • Elementary: We are in the process of completing the annual summative assessment for ELL students, called WIDA ACCESS. This platform is new this year and has replaced the ELPA21 assessment of previous years. At the elementary level, we have already completed Kindergarten testing, and are moving on with grades 1-4 over the next few weeks. At Columbia, we have implemented a targeted intervention for a number of our 4th grade ELL students who need additional reading support, called Reading club. We are seeing about 20 students twice a week after school and are working on fluency and comprehension, as well as reading for fun!
  • Middle School:  Some of our ELL students have been invited to an after-school math club. Students are working on math skills and strategies to close the learning gap. Also, the WIDA ACCESS test is underway at the Middle School. Students' overall consensus is that the test is extremely difficult and harder than the old test, ELPA21. Regardless, they are giving it their all!  We are proud of their efforts and will have a small celebration when we have completed the test.      
  • High school: At the high school, we are in full WIDA ACCESS mode as well. Students took practice questions for the test and are now ready to go. We've also been helping out our seniors fulfill their requirements to graduate and we're assisting the boys in signing up for soccer.
  • District Level: As of February 14th, 15% of ELL students in the district have completed the WIDA ACCESS test and 77% of students are on track with the testing schedule. Aside from testing, the Outreach Coordinator has been honoring our students' hard work with weekly positive calls home since October. So far, 64 students have been recognized!