Thu Feb 24 2022, 6:15pm
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Student Representative Report

To: School Board of Directors

From: BrookLynn Donald

Date: February 15, 2022

RE: Student Representative Report

Details in the Report

  • Upcoming Events: Tolo and Prom
  • Athletics
  • Survey Results (1/10-1/14)
  • Any Questions
Upcoming Events: Tolo and Prom

On March 5, the sophomore class is planning on hosting the first WHS tolo dance since COVID. Along with this, on May 7, the junior class is planning to host prom. With the dances to come, WHS students are starting to feel more enthusiastic energy that came from the pre-covid atmosphere. With the dances in mind, the sophomore and junior class officers are working diligently to provide an enjoyable experience, while still making sure students are staying safe while our government is asking us to mask and socially distance. 


Winter sports are now coming to a closure at WHS. The boys basketball team, girls basketball team, wrestling team, and cheer and dance teams have truly shown what it means to be a beaver by demonstrating the attributes of GRIT during sporting games and matches. Along with the closure of winter events, spring sports are just around the corner! WHS spring sports include baseball, boys soccer, girls golf, track and field, and fastpitch. WHS students are very excited for the new sporting events coming up and are ready for the change into spring to experience a new atmosphere for WHS athletics.

Survey Results

On Monday, January 10, WHS ASB sent out an all students survey to get an idea of the troubles high school students are experiencing during school, especially during COVID, and to get an overall idea of what the school atmosphere is like. Around 210 students responded to the survey and students had a one-week window to answer the survey questions. Along with this one block window, students were told about the survey through the morning announcements over the intercoms and through an email that was received which attached the survey to the email. The survey results were anonymous to make students feel safe to express their concerns. The survey results are shown on a separate document that is attached below.

Click here for WHS Survey Results

Any Questions?