Thu Feb 24 2022, 6:15pm
WHS Library and Zoom
Regular Meeting


COVID-19 Community Feedback Survey — Revised Results

In December the District used a survey to collect input from WPS Parents on issues related to COVID.  Following feedback to the board that some parents did not have an opportunity to complete the survey the board requested that the survey be reopened.  The survey received an additional 180 responses during the second window of December 20-31.  The additional participation brought the overall response rate to 36.22% of the total 1,488 invitees possible.

The report to the board that was initially presented in December has been revised.  To permit for complete transparency, Eric included the charts from both the initial report as well as this updated report to allow for comparisons from the data received as of December 10 and the complete dataset as of December 31.

As expected, the additional responses left the data unchanged from the initial report, in general. 

The biggest changes (although still minor) took place in the COVID-19 Prevention Procedures (question 3) where the initial negative response was diluted, if only slightly:

  • 61.80% agreed that they knew which agency to contact, up from 59.49% initially.

  • 38.13% agreed that the school board should follow all mandates, up from 35.96% initially.

  • 76.49% disagreed with a vaccine mandate/exemption requirement, down from 77.99% initially.

  • 48.03% agreed that social distancing helps reduce the spread of COVID-19, up from 44.26% initially (and rendering the "majority" disagreement initially reported as relatively negligible since it is now a 51.97%/48.03% disagreeing with the social distancing)

  • 33.64% agree in some part with mask-wearing at all times, up from 30.64% initially.

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