Mon Oct 13 2008, 7:00pm
District Meeting Room
Regular Meeting


Recision of Resolution 2519

Woodland School District

Resolution 2519


WHEREAS, local government entities, including school districts in the State of Washington, are authorized by RCW 48.62 to individually or jointly form a health benefit self-insurance program; and

WHEREAS, the Office of the State Risk Manager has established rules for the operation and solvency of self-insurance programs, standards for claims management procedures, and standards for contracts between third party administrators and programs; and

WHEREAS, the Woodland School District No. 404 desires to establish a self-insurance health benefits program to provide vision coverage for district employees and their families;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED the Board of Directors of Woodland School District No 404, Cowlitz County, Washington, hereby agrees that the;

•    District establish a self-insured program to provide vision coverage for employees and their families;
•    District register the employee self-insured vision program with the Office of the State Risk Management and the district submit all required financial reports annually to the State Risk Manager;
•    Costs, claims and all fees for this program will be paid from the State of Washington employee benefits contribution;
•    District selects a third party administrator to manage the program and that this third party independent agency, through a contractual arrangement, administer the claim payment process on behalf of the self-insured program; and,
•    District is authorized to increase premiums if cash reserves prove inadequate at any time.

The following resolution was adopted at a regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Woodland School District No. 404 on the 22 day of September 2008, of which due notice was given in the manner provided by the law with the following members being present.