Mon Oct 13 2008, 7:00pm
District Meeting Room
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Yale School Report

Mark Houk, Principal

September 29, 2008

TO:        Michael Green, Superintendent
FROM:    Mark Houk    


Yale enrollment is down as compared to a year ago. (           ).  The class of Kindergarten Students is 5.  We know of at least a handful of other KG age students enrolled at WPS due to mid-day afterschool care availability.  Overall, there are approximately 17 students in grades KG-6 who are opting to attend WPS or WIS.

C.A.S.T. Comes to Yale
 On October 6th, a number of school support personnel (Reading Specialists, Counselor, Special Education Staff) will join the Yale Staff as they share student assessment and progress data regarding every Yale Student.  Using a format similar to the C.A.S.T. Process in place at WPS, instructional planning, and support will be modeled to best support the student data.  Remember, C.A.S.T. stands for “Collaborative Academic Support Team.”  Achievement levels on the most recent WASL were not what we expect, so this process will be a piece of us all being accountable to each other and our students for the improvement of teaching/learning.  

Our Yale Team has already examined our most recent WASL scores and has put some foundational intervention pieces in place.  Emphasis after 1st grade is being placed on consistent implementation of our new SRA Reading Curriculum.

School Improvement Planning started last spring and continues this early fall.
The focus for the year is: RESPECT.

-An Oct. 3rd schoolwide assembly is being planned to introduce this theme.
-Mrs. Dee Ray will be the guest speaker.
-We are working with students to begin addressing all staff, volunteers, and other
 adults in the building as Mr. or Mrs./Ms.

More later on specific activities and student accomplishment regarding RESPECT.

Finally, our school team has been fortunate to begin receiving some instructional support from former teacher John Huffman, who is spending 3 hours per week taking classes for Specials such as PE/Music.  This is allowing staff needed time to better plan for instruction.  We thank the district for providing this additional piece!     

Cc:    Yale School Staff