Mon Oct 13 2008, 7:00pm
District Meeting Room
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WMS Monthly Report

Woodland Middle School

Date:    10/7/2008
To:    Michael Z. Green, Superintendent
From:    Cari Thomson, PhD
RE:    October Summary of Teaching and Learning

Woodland Middle School is up and running, fast!

Staff has spent professional development time working on CRISS strategies, updating department goals for the school improvement plan, and getting ready for student-led conferences in October.  Additionally, Barb Lutz and Lauren Cockrell have been working with individual departments on ELL and modification strategies.

Student-led-conferences will be held October 20- November 3 and all students are expected to present work samples as well as set short- and long-term goals for the year.  Student-led conferences were implemented at WMS during the 2006-2007 school year and have been a mainstay since.  The students work on their conference materials with their homeroom teachers.  Both the homeroom configuration and the current practice of student-led conferences are in integral part of WMS as well as a cornerstone of the Navigation 101 grant the district received this fall.  

Please check out our teacher web pages under the middle school link.  I am very proud of the access parents and students have to resources and classroom assignments under the teacher’s pages.  It truly provides a valuable resource to students as they transition into middle school and makes parent/student access to missed work very easy!  Additionally, athletic resources have been linked as well.

Our new teachers are acclimating well to life at WMS.  Great things are happening in the classroom.  Feel free to stop by any time.