Mon Oct 13 2008, 7:00pm
District Meeting Room
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WPS Monthly Report

Mark Houk, Principal

September 29, 2008

TO:        Michael Green, Superintendent
FROM:    Mark Houk    


A good start to school seemed apparent all around the district, with WPS being no exception.  We greeted almost 600 students (down to 595 as of 9-25), so our addition of 2.5 teaching positions has been put to immediate use.  Speaking of teachers, it will be an interesting year as we currently have on staff, three teachers (Shae Lindsay, Alisha Robison, and Alex Smith) who will be needing maternity leaves.

Our back to school staff conversations focused on forging positive relationships with students and doing so in search of directly using these efforts to increase connection to the academics of the classroom.  Also, I have presented to our team the idea of increasing the “rigor” of all we do in class.  With rigor not being just “more or harder,” but quality of the teaching/learning experience we provide per each student’s individual needs.  More on this as we develop the conversation.

So, other than having an overcrowded cafeteria, too many buses, no place to hold meetings, KG students having a hard time finding the bathroom during recess (our staff is working to be as helpful as possible), and a parking lot that at times resembles a set of “bumper car” rides – things are GOOD at WPS!


Coming Up
We are “front loading” some grade level release days this fall – meaning we bring substitute teachers in for a day to allow a grade level an uninterrupted block of time for collaboration on curriculum planning.  Monday late starts are great, but this is another necessary “piece” in order for grade level members to work and learn together.
Most focus of these days this early fall is on corroborating the new Math Standards to our Math curriculum.

Also, Friday, November 7th at 2:20, WPS students will present a special Veteran’s Day Recognition Assembly.  Under the direction of Keri Moss/Linda Morris, this has become a major draw at our school.  We extend invitations to all area Veteran’s as well as law, safety, and fire personnel – and they attend.  

Cc:    WPS Staff