Mon Sep 10 2012, 6:00pm
September 10, 2012
Regular Meeting


Athletic Director Report

To:  Michael Green

From: Paul Huddleston

Regarding: Athletics Report

Date: September 7, 2012


1.      HS Football

a.      Varsity record (1-0 league, 1-0 overall)

                                               i.     Beat Kalama 55-6 in season opener.

                                              ii.     Ranked #9 in most recent state poll.

b.      JV record (1-0 league, 1-0 overall).

                                               i.     Beat Kalama 42-0 in season opener.

c.      Freshman record (1-0 league, 1-0 overall)

                                               i.     Beat Castle Rock 20-6 in season opener.

d.      75 athletes are participating

2.      HS Volleyball

a.      Varsity record (1-0 league, 1-0 overall).

                                               i.     Beat Toledo in 3 straight in season opener

b.      JV record (0-0 league, 0-0 overall).

                                               i.     First game is on Sep. 11 vs. Castle Rock at home.

c.      26 athletes are participating.

3.      HS Girls' Soccer

a.      Varsity record (2-0 league, 2-0 overall)

                                               i.     Beat White Salmon 2-1 in season opener.

b.      JV record (1-0 league, 1-0 overall)

                                               i.     Beat White Salmon 4-0 in season opener.

c.      36 athletes are participating.

4.      HS Cross Country

a.      First meet of season is the Friday, Sept. 7 at Hudson's Bay

b.      Hosting the "Bruce Flanagan Invitational" on Sept. 15 at the Holland America Bulb Farm.

c.      37 athletes are participating - including 8 middle school athletes.

d.      First MS Cross Country team in school history!

5.      HS Boys' Golf

a.      Varsity record (0-1 league, 1-1 overall)

                                               i.     Dropped a match to defending state champion Ilwaco to open league play.

b.      JV record (0-0 league, 0-2 overall)

c.      16 athletes are participating (13 HS and 3 MS)

6.      MS Football

a.      Both 7th and 8th grade teams beat Castle Rock to open the season

                                               i.     48 athletes participating (Two teams: 8th, 7th)

7.      MS Volleyball

a.      First game is Sept. 8 vs. View Ridge

                                               i.     36 athletes participating (Three teams: 8th, 7th, and two blended)

8.      Other

a.      HS Sports can now be followed on Facebook and Twitter.

b.      HS Captain training on August 27 - met with all HS fall sport captains.

                                               i.     The role of a captain, increasing school spirit and supporting the entire athletic program were main topics.

9.      Current projects...

a.      Creation of an alumni website.

b.      W club/Pep Club Teaming up to improve school spirit.

c.      Hall of Fame and Ring of Honor revived.