Mon Sep 10 2012, 6:00pm
September 10, 2012
Regular Meeting


Director of Learning Report

Instruction, Curriculum, Assessment, Yale and Lewis River Academy

Asha Riley, Director of Learning

September Update

September 6, 2012


TO:       Michael Green, Superintendent

FROM:  Asha Riley

RE: Instruction, Curriculum, Assessment, and Professional Development Monthly Update


National Board Cohort:  This fall we have officially formed a National Board Cohort Program for teachers. This program includes regular meetings and support from two National Board trainers, Shari Conditt and Holly Royle. The intent is to ensure staff working toward their certification receive all the support they need to be successful. I am fully confident in the course Shari has designed and so are the teachers, for the first time ever we have 11 staff seeking their certification this year! This is the largest group we've had. If all our current applicants pass and become National Board Certified we will have nearly 20% of our teaching staff National Board Certified!

Common Core Standards: This summer our leadership team attended several workshops and worked on our 3 year implementation plan. This year our focus will be on introducing the standards to staff and ensuring they are equipped to make the instructional shifts in practice.


In general I am very pleased with the recent data reflecting our student performance last Spring. Attached is a full report of the results for your reference. I will address these results more thoroughly in my presentation with you Monday evening.

In addition we also received results regarding alternate portfolio assessments. These assessments are options students with disabilities can access in order to achieve graduation, last Spring 4 students in our district participated in that option. Out of the 8 sections they took they passed all 8 sections of the tests!!  This is a first for our district!!!  Way to go Devon & Karena and students!!