Mon Sep 10 2012, 6:00pm
September 10, 2012
Regular Meeting


WHS Report

To:      Michael Green

From: John Shoup

CC:      School Board members

Date:  9/5/2012

Re:      August Review

Here is an overview of the key activities we worked on in relation to teaching and learning this month.

School Opening:  We had a great freshmen orientation and opening assembly to get the school year going.  We have 5 foreign exchange students this year coming to us from Spain, Columbia, Italy, Denmark and Germany. All of the students were introduced to the student body at the opening assembly.  We are still enrolling some new students and have found that schedule change requests are starting to slow down as well.  We believe we have had a great and successful school opening.

School Improvement Planning: Because of the Skyward conversion and staff training, we did not have much time to work on school improvement planning, but we did look at our data for one of our goals.  We are proud that we reduced by exactly 50% (our goal) the number of 9th graders who did not advance to sophomore status.  The class of 2014 had 18.5% not advance and the class of 2015 had 9.2% not advance.  We attribute this to the work of our goal team, advisory and the newly formed freshmen support class.  This class is taught by Aaron Blackwelder.

Other information: One of our new staff members, Luke Snyder suffered a bad accident this past weekend, breaking his neck in two places.  He is going to be ok, with no paralysis, but is going to miss a stretch of work. Besides that, our other new staff members, Kristie Stevens, Melanie Holmes, Heather Gordon, Pam Mosely, Paul Cline and Holly Kojias are doing excellent and are fitting in very well with our staff.