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Woodland Intermediate School

Monthly Update

November, 2009

On November 19th Woodland intermediate School hosted The Second Annual Student Book Exchange.  The evening started with dessert.  Burgerville donated 275 ice cream sundaes.  They also sent two Burgerville employees to assist with the dishing and serving.  WIS staff and students thanked them for the donation by presenting them with several cards and photos from the event.  Ice cream sundaes were sold for $1.00.   In all we raised $231.00.  All proceeds that were collected will go to help fund WIS field trips.  During dessert an informational presentation about our reading curriculum, walk to read program, and how parents can support their child's reading development at home was presented.  The presentation was followed by the book exchange.  Students were encouraged to bring new or used books from home to exchange for other new or used books.  There was no minimum or maximum as to the number of books students were able to exchange.  Upon arrival students traded the books they bring to exchange for tickets.  Each book was worth one ticket.  During dessert and the presentation all of the books brought in were organized by grade level.  Following the dessert and presentation students exchanged their tickets for books brought in by others.  In all WIS students left the event with 1,255 new books. 

This was a wonderful way for parents to learn about our reading program, identify how they can support reading at home, obtain new reading materials for the home library, recycle reading materials that have already been read and participate in a fun social activity at school.

Throughout the month of November professional development activities for staff have had a reading focus.  Mrs. Anderson has facilitated the majority of our professional development activities, and has done a tremendous job as always.  Staff members have also been planning practice MSP (the new WASL) assessment activities for students.

We have developed a scheduling committee.  The committee has spent time reviewing our daily schedules, how we serve students, and the way that academic interventions take place throughout the day.  The objective of the scheduling committee is to review our schedules and brainstorm ways in which they can be enhanced for the benefit of teaching and learning.