Mon Dec 21 2009, 7:00pm
District Meeting Room Portable
Regular Meeting


State Budget Outlook and Forecast

As the board is well aware the state is projecting a $2.6 billiion shortfall for the second year of the bienneum.   The Governor has released a budget that would be devistating to K-12 education.  (She is required to make a budget that is not tied to new revenue)  

The estimated impact to Woodland, should the Governors budget be the final one, would be about $923,000 BELOW current funding levels.  

The fiscal situation in the current year is also posing some challenges at the state level.   OSPI has announced their intention to delay their June apportionment payment, usually received on June 30, to July 1, putting it into the next fiscal year.    This may cause some difficulties across the state, as counties do not have the current fund balance to carry the districts on cash bearing warrants.

In preparation for the discussion Mr. Green will present to the board current information on the budget outlook.

Items to be considered in the board conversation may be:

• communicating with legislators the potential impacts of cuts.

• Process and timeline for planning for reductions, should they be necessary.


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