Mon Mar 26 2018, 5:30pm
WHS Room 2203
Regular Meeting


Human Resources Report

To: Michael Green

From: Vicky Barnes

Date: March 26, 2018

Subject: Human Resources Report

This is a very busy time of year! At the Washington State Personnel Association conference, I attended a class on certification and the upcoming changes for our certificated staff when they renew. I am working on an FAQ sheet to send out to hopefully answer more of the common questions. I also attended a class on paraeducators and the possible change in training we may have if it is funded. We are fortunate to have a healthy apprenticeship program in our district which is managed by Stephanie Patterson. She and I will work together when details are given about trainings so we can tap into what would work for employees already in the apprenticeship program. Possibly the most beneficial time was spent brainstorming with other Human Resource staff who work in a similar sized district.

Last week I attended a one-day BEST seminar with Asha Riley and Malinda Huddleston. In the class, I attended special education teachers were looked at with a different lens than classroom teachers and ideas were shared at how we can better support them especially in the first year of hire. We will add that lens to our upcoming BEST stakeholders meeting on March 29, to see what we could do in mentoring them and during the New Educator Training week that would give them tools specific to their unique challenges.

Next Monday begins the Career Fair circuit! We have updated our recruiting booth and attire to hopefully draw in the candidates at the fairs so we can tell them how wonderful Woodland is and collect resumes to use as a pool for openings. This week I spent two afternoons at Washington State University engaging with the upcoming graduating classes. Monday night I talked to the classes about the career fairs and gave them tips on what they can do to increase their chance of making a great first impression. I also talked to them about my journey from a big district to a smaller district and what I learned about myself. Tuesday I participated in mock interviews along with several principals and we were impressed at the quality of candidates and excited that some very intentionally went out of their way to express interest in working at Woodland Public Schools. I really appreciate my time at WSU because it allows me to share my love of where I work and reminds me that working with students is an incredible calling that I am proud to be part of every day.