Mon May 9 2016, 5:30pm
District Meeting Room
Regular Meeting


Lewis River Academy K-8 Report

To:       Michael Green
From:   Asha Riley
Date:    May 4, 2016
Re:       Lewis River Academy Report



I am pleased spring conferences have been completed with 100% of our families.  In our program, it is critical to have current student learning plans and up to date records regarding student progress.   

In each conference, we confirmed that all student learning plans and progress reports are accurate and up to date. We also were able to forecast courses for all students and designed learning plans with parents for the 2016-17 school year. This allows us to begin preparing the curriculum and organize online access to courses so students are able to access their coursework on the first day of school next fall.

LRA in the News

Emily Ostrowski, from The Columbian, has requested an opportunity to come visit our school to write a special article about our program for the Neighbors section of the newspaper.  We look forward to hosting her May 11th during our science lessons. I am hopeful that as a result of the article, we will have increased publicity and potentially see more families in Southwest Washington enroll next fall.