Mon May 9 2016, 5:30pm
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Woodland Primary School Report

TO:        Michael Green
FROM:  Juliann McCarthy   
DATE:    5-4-16
RE:        Woodland Primary School Report


Woodland Primary, PreK-1,Kindergarten registration/K-Fair/Vaccination Clinic

Focus on Learning

  • Pk-1 continues its focus on the assessment-teaching-learning cycle. Earlier this week we completed the third Kindergarten CAST at which time we met with teachers to review their data in reading and math; we reviewed progress for students identified as Tier II; we discussed learning goals for the remainder of the year.   First grade CAST will be conducted next Monday. 
  • Spring Reading Data collection will take place in mid-May. This will take the form of DIBELS assessment in foundational reading skills for all K and 1st grade students. 
  • Kindergarten registration opened on April 11. As of this reporting, there are 67 students registered.   The Kindergarten Fair will be held May 10, 11, 12.   The goal of the Fair will be to give parents information about Woodland School District, Woodland Primary, and Kindergarten as well as take the incoming K-students through several screening stations to help us prepare for the students who are incoming.  Milagros Wells has been making concerted efforts to contact our Spanish-speaking families to encourage them to register their Kindergarteners.  She is planning to set up a registration table at the local church that many of our families attend in order to encourage more registration.  McCarthy will join her at that event.  
  • Additionally, we will be adapting the starting schedule for Kindergarten in August.  WA-Kids allows for some flexibility in starting Kindergarten students.  Woodland K students will begin with a “soft-start” Jump Start program.  Students will attend for 6 half days during which time teachers will meet with different groups of students to assess their academic and social functioning prior to the start of full-day K.   This information, combined with the screening information gleaned during the K-Fair, will be used to establish classrooms.   Parents will be informed of their student’s classroom assignment near the end of the process.  
  • There are no updates on the status of a vaccination clinic at WPS at this time.


Upcoming events:

May 2-5 Teacher Appreciation Week

May 9 First Grade CAST

May 10, 11, 12- Kindergarten Fair

May 11-National School Nurses’ Day

May 17 -Hi-C testing day

May 24, 25-Equity Conference-Seattle

May 30-Memorial Day