Mon Apr 11 2016, 5:30pm
Woodland Intermediate School Library
Regular Meeting


Athletics Report

To: Michael Green
From: Paul Huddleston
Date: April 11, 2016
Re: WHS Athletics Report



  1. Varsity record (0-2 league, 3-6 overall)
    1. Injuries to our pitching staff have created challenges, but our kids continue to work hard and stick together as a team.
  2. JV record (1-1 league, 3-4 overall)


  1. Varsity record (0-0 League, 3-3 overall).
    1. We have played a tough non-league schedule to help prepare us for league (starts April 13)
  2. JV record (0-0 league, 3-3 overall).

Girls’ Golf

  1. We are young but improving.
  2. A solid middle school turnout will help us to build for the future. Coach Blackwelder has managed to find some middle school matches that will take place later this month.

Track and Field

  1. Our first league meet of the year was impressive – with boys and girls both beating RA Long.
  2. We host our first meet April 20th.

Boys’ Soccer

  1. Varsity Record (3-2 League, 3-5 overall)
    1. Currently 3rd in league and won their last two games heading into spring break.
  2. JV Record (0-2-3(ties) League, 1-5-3 Overall)


  1. Our dance team did very well at the state championships in Yakima. They finished 8th in Hip Hop, 6th in Pom and 3rd in Show – with their highest scores of the year. This group has worked extremely hard all year and has turned our dance program into something we should all be proud of.