Tue Nov 12 2013, 5:00pm
District Meeting Room Portable
Regular Meeting


LRA Report

TO:      Michael Green, Superintendent

FROM: Asha Riley

RE: Lewis River Academy Monthly Update

This fall we had a healthy increase of students in grades 9-12. While this is a positive direction for our program, monitoring the academic progress and success of these students has proven to be a significant impact on my time and subsequently my ability to attend to my other responsibilities here in our district. There just simply isn’t enough of me to get everything done.  As you are aware we partner closely with WHS to and Mr. Shoup in particular. As I was working with him on an issue related to LRA he generously offered to provide additional support to LRA by supervising the 9-12 segment of the program. This offer will have a huge benefit to both the program and my capacity to attend my other responsibilities.  I am thrilled to have him on board!  


The following message went out to our students and parents last weekend regarding the matter.


Dear High School Families,

As some of you know my main responsibility in Woodland schools is Director of Learning. In addition to that role, two years ago we opened LRA, and I have been managing and supervising it along with a small school up river, Yale Elementary. As Lewis River Academy continues to grow we are always seeking ways to ensure the students are receiving our best support.


Therefore, effective Monday, November 4th, John Shoup (Principal of WHS) will join our team to share principal responsibilities with me at LRA. Mr. Shoup already has an established working relationship with Mr. Knudson and myself, as we work together on a weekly basis in a joint meeting of the three high schools. At LRA he will be assuming the supervision of all 9-12 programs. I will continue to supervise the K-8 programs and overall LRA management.


We are excited about this change and the added resources it brings to Lewis River Academy. Please contact me if you have any questions about this transition. Say “Hi,” and introduce yourself to Mr. Shoup when you see him at school.


Have a wonderful weekend. ~Mrs. Riley