Wed Apr 14 2021, 6:15pm
Woodland High School Library and Zoom
Study Session


School Based Learning Recovery Plans

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on many children has been significant.  For some, whose parents and caregivers have had the ability to actively support remote learning, learning impacts have been minimized.  By comparison, many of our students for whom the opportunities for support, or for whom a quality home learning environment was unavailable, there has been a demonstrable loss of learning progress.

In the weeks since we were able to bring back all elementary students face-to-face five days per week, we have seen significant academic progress for students. In spite of this, a "Pandemic Learning Gap" exists.   

Students at the Middle School and High School levels are currently attending class in person two days per week.  

Woodland Middle School students are engaging in asynchronous learning extensions on their "at-home" days.  The middle school years are critical for continued skill development and increasing content focus.  The skill development, particularly in the 3 "Rs" (reading, writing, and mathematics) are foundational for high school success.  We anticipate there is a similar learning loss due to the impacts of COVID-19 that must be addressed in order for students to be on track for secondary success.

Woodland High School students attend class synchronously on their "at-home" days.  Though some content may have been missed, the biggest challenge for high school students is the loss of credits that are necessary for students to graduate from high school on time and equipped for life, career, and college. Here is a link to the full recovery plan.

There are no quick solutions to closing the learning gaps.   The processes and strategies will be developed and implemented over time and will change as we have more data on needs and responses to learning interventions.   The principals will present to the board their initial plans and strategies to begin the work of closing the gaps.

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