Wed Apr 14 2021, 6:15pm
Woodland High School Library and Zoom
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ELL Report

To: Michael Green

From: Darcy Soto

Date: 4/12/2021

Re: April 2021 Board Report

ELL/State Transitional Bilingual Intervention Program and Translation Services

  • Elementary Schools: We have an ELPA21 assessment schedule that will take place over the next two weeks to complete testing for all of our K-4 ELL students. We're excited that through this year of virtual learning, many of our students' technology skills have improved, and they will be better able to focus on the content of the assessment and let their English skills shine.
  • Secondary Schools: Our secondary team is very happy to have students back in the buildings on the hybrid learning schedule. Our ELL newcomers’ technology skills have grown significantly since the beginning of the shutdown. At the beginning of the closures last year, several students had never used a computer before. Now they know how to login into their google classrooms, make slide show presentations, and check their grades online.  We also have the ELPA21 scheduled and have partnered with TEAM to make sure all high school ELL students will take the test.