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Athletics Report

To: Michael Green

From: Paul Huddleston

Date: 04/2/2021

RE: Athletics Report

Woodland Middle School

Seasons were shifted and now it will be boys and girls basketball starting after spring break (April 12th).

  • It will be a condensed season that ends May 7th. Six games instead of the usual ten.
  • Both boys and girls have over twenty kids signed up heading into spring break. We will have two teams minimum for both genders.
  • Boys will practice/play games in the green gym and girls will practice/play in the yellow gym. Usually, boys and girls basketball are in separate seasons but we can make it work because of our facilities.

Track and wrestling will begin May 10th and go through June 4th.

Woodland High School

A few highlights from Season 1.

  • Boys golf took 3rd in districts! Logan Autrey (12th), Gaige Pilot (7th), and Dane Huddleston (1st) all placed for the Beavers.
  • Volleyball made an amazing run and made it all the way to the district championship game! They gave the two-time defending state champion Ridgefield Spudders all they could handle before dropping the title game 3-1.
  • Joran Lamoreaux finished 2nd at the League Championships and 5th at the Cross Country District Championships.

Season 2

  • We have the numbers for the following teams:
    • 2 baseball teams
    • 2 fastpitch teams
    • 1 golf team of 13
    • 63 for track and field
    • 2 boys soccer teams
  • District playoffs for Season 2 will be the week of May 3rd-8th

Season 3

  • Begins May 3rd
  • We will be offering Boys/Girls Basketball and Boys/Girls Wrestling
  • District playoffs will be the week of June 7th-12th.