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Student Representative Report

To: School Board

From: Camila Avelar

Date: April 14, 2021

RE: Student Representative Report

Details in this Report

  • ASB Meeting 
    • Thoughts on Hybrid 
      • Mondays
  • Upcoming Topics
    • Prom
    • Graduation

ASB Meeting

Thoughts on Hybrid

At our last ASB meeting, the main topic we talked about was thoughts on hybrid. The conversation was more aimed at how students were adjusting and any changes they would like to see. Overall the feedback was positive on how students were adjusting. The biggest concern that was brought up was the schedule for Hybrid Mondays. As of now, students attend class from 10:00 to 12:25. All classes are only 15 minutes long and most teachers take attendance, tell you the agenda for the week and let you go. After all the classes are finished students are given 75 minutes of unsupervised student time. Many students brought up how a different format of Mondays would be beneficial to the students and as well the staff. The biggest idea brought to the table would be asynchronous Mondays. Teachers would post in Google Classroom the week’s agenda and as well a Google Form that would have to be filled out during the 15 minutes set for that class. Teachers would be able to take attendance as well as have the opportunity to have those 15 minutes be open for office hours if any students need extra help. 

Upcoming Topics

  • Prom

As students are getting adjusted to in-person learning the question lingers if we will be able to have any events that were not able to have earlier. One event being tossed into the air would be Prom. Last year the school had a virtual prom that had some student participation. The question now is how the school would go around holding this event in a safe manner. 

  • Graduation

After having a late start to in-person learning graduation is creeping around the corner. Luckily the school has said that we will have some sort of in-person graduation ceremony which is great news! As of now, the senior officers are slowly getting graduation details in place. Soon there will be a Senior Class meeting that will vote on class flower and song. One question the officers have been pondering is traditions that have been instilled at graduation. For example, walking partners having to be boy and girl. Though we may want to adjust this rule with Covid we may not be able to have walking panthers but we are hoping for as normal as possible.