Wed Apr 14 2021, 6:15pm
Woodland High School Library and Zoom
Study Session


Board Self-Assessment Review of WSSDA Survey

The board has completed the WSSDA Online Board Self Assessment.  Results of the self-assessment will be forwarded to the board when the report is complied by WSSDA.

WSSDA Board Leadership Consultant, Cindy McMullen has agreed to work with the board to facilitate a review of the self-assessment.  This is her Bio from the WSSDA website:

Cindy McMullen
Cindy McMullen is a recycled school director, having served on the Central Valley School Board in Spokane from 1987-2011, then serving four years on the State Board of Education, and being re-elected to the Central Valley Board in 2015. She has been active in WSSDA, graduating from Leadership WSSDA in 1998, being elected to the Legislative Committee, serving on WSSDA’s Board of Directors and finally elected President in 2006.  She was a WSSDA Cadre member from 2003-2011 and has presented numerous trainings and conference sessions over the years.

Cindy is a retired attorney who specialized in municipal law serving small cities, towns and special purpose districts over her 35+ years of practice.  In 2005, she was the President of the Washington Association of Municipal Attorneys. Cindy brings a great deal of knowledge and experience from her extensive background in education and law to support school directors. She is well-versed in boardsmanship, school law, superintendent evaluation, board self-assessment, conflict resolution and board protocols.

Attached Files:
Woodland BSAS 421.pdf application/pdf 1M
Woodland BSE presentation.pdf application/pdf 2M
Woodland Ranking Report 421.pdf application/pdf 175K