Mon Sep 12 2011, 7:00pm
District Meeting Room
Regular Meeting


Changes to Athletic Eligibility Standards

Last year Paul Huddleston convened a team to review and make changes to the Athletic handbook.   One of the outcomes of that team's work was a change to the eligibility requirements for student athletes.   Paul Huddleston will present the following changes to the board:

The standard used to be 2.0 with no f’s. Now it is pass five out of 6 with no GPA requirement (in line with WIAA requirements).
We’ve lowered the bar for athletes to compete – athletes on probation can play in games as long as they meet the conditions of the probation. We’ve raised the bar for probation – anyone under a 2.5 is on probation and must meet the necessary requirements to play – or they sit out one week (and until they meet requirements). Any athlete that is not passing 5 out of 6 is suspended.
The logic behind this… There have been a lot of athletes that start the season on probation and never get off… never get a taste of competition and never really get to experience what it’s like to be a part of the team. The hope, is that a positive experience on the field will spill over to the classroom… that athletes  will have extra incentive (along with support from coaches and teammates) to improve their grades and get off probation.
Athletes will be coming to you for help if they are struggling in your class. Please don’t sign their study hall sheet if they aren’t being productive. I’ve attached a sample letter, probation agreement (sent home to all athletes on probation) and the study hall sheet you’ll be seeing. The middle school forms look like the high schools… just a different logo and a little different wording.


The above change is different from the current administrative proceedure and I wanted the board to be aware of, and discuss this change.  Policy and procedure 2151 are the ones that are germaine: 


Attached are documents provided by Paul with more detail.

Attached Files:
probation agreement - whs.doc application/msword 89B
probation template - whs.doc application/msword 88B
STUDY HALL FOR PROBATIONARY ATHLETES - whs.doc application/msword 86B
STUDY HALL FOR PROBATIONARY ATHLETES - wms.doc application/msword 34B
WSD Athletic Handbook 2011-2012 .doc application/msword 166B