Mon Sep 12 2011, 7:00pm
District Meeting Room
Regular Meeting


Approval of Board Resolution 2546- Concerning a new Woodland High School

Woodland Public School District No. 404

Woodland Washington


Resolution No. 2546

Designating Dike Access Road as the Location

for a new Woodland High School, and

Authorizing the President of the Board of Directors to appoint an ad hoc committee to the Board.



WHEREAS, In September 2005 the voters of the Woodland School District approved, with a 62.34% supermajority, the sale of bonds to purchase land on Dike Access Road with the express purpose of building a new high school on that land; and,


WHEREAS, The Woodland School District subsequently purchased the proposed 40 acre site for the purpose of building a new high school; and,


WHEREAS, the 40 acre site provides adequate space for current needs as well as for future expansion needs as the student population continues to grow.


WHEREAS, Both prior to and subsequent to the purchase of the property the District has extensively reviewed the suitability of the Dike Access site, (including hydrology, soil studies, traffic studies, etc.) that support the suitability of the Dike Access site for construction of a new High School; and,


WHEREAS, a survey of the community in the fall of 2010 showed a majority opinion that construction of a new high school should be at the Dike Access location; and,


WHEREAS, construction at the current Woodland High School campus would overcrowd the present site and create significant limitations on the ability of all co-located Woodland Schools to expand in the future; and,


WHEREAS, Woodland Public Schools have shown enrollment increases over the past two decades and that growth has caused most of Woodland Public school buildings to be overcrowded; and,


WHEREAS, construction of a new High School will create adequate classroom capacity for lower grades into the foreseeable future; and,


WHEREAS, interest rates and construction costs are currently low; now therefore,


BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Woodland School District Board of Directors herewith determines that a new Woodland High School will be constructed at the Dike Access Property; and,


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT, the President of the Board of Directors is herewith authorized, on behalf of the board to appoint an ad hoc bond advisory committee who will, on November 14th, 2011, present to the Board of Directors recommendations on the scope, timing, and process steps in the development and presentation to voters of a proposal for a new Woodland High School.



ADOPTED, this 12th day of September 2012.







___________________________                  __________________________________

Secretary to the Board                                                President















Considerations of ad hoc committee:



            Size and Expandability


            Athletic and Support Facilities (Size, expandability, etc.)






            Community Schools Concept






            Wetland mitigation


Process Steps:

            Architect Selection (When)






Staff to Committee:

Michael Green, Superintendent

John Shoup, HS Principal

Doug Nichols, Construction Services Group





2 Directors

9 representative members (Seniors, Business, City, Parents, Yale Valley, Boosters, etc.)

Attached Files:
Resolution No. 2546-draft.pdf application/pdf 222B