Mon Aug 27 2018, 5:30pm
WHS Room 2203
Regular Meeting


First Reading of Revision to Policy 5410, 6000 and 6100

Attached are redline versions of the recommended revisions.

Policy 5410: WSSDA Recommended adjustment to the policy to add "Sunday" as a required school holiday.  In reviewing the policy I, rather than proposing WSSDA's modest modification, am proposing we simply reference the governing RCWs that the policy was build trom.  The policy is a verbatum recitation of RCW 28A.150.050 and RCW 1.16.060

Policy 6000:  WSSDA Recommended modification to the policy to reflect changes from recent McClearly related legislation.

Policy 6100: WSSDA Recommended modifications to the policy to reflect changes in Federal Code related to Title 1 funding.

Attached Files:
5410 REV.pdf application/pdf 147K
6000 REV.pdf application/pdf 195K
6100 REV.pdf application/pdf 195K