Mon Aug 27 2018, 5:30pm
WHS Room 2203
Regular Meeting


Resolution 18-07 — Establishing Budget Appropriations the 2018-2019 Budget

Please review the attached documents in preparation of approving the 18-19 budget for all funds.  I have attached the resolution, the full F-195 budget document and the full F-195F document (4-Year Budget Projection) which is new for 18-19, per last year's legislative session.  The F-195 budget document for the General Fund has changed due to the update based upon the settlement with WEA and an adjustment to cover for the Psych position at WPS.  The new budget includes a loss of approximately $66,000.
Also included is the 4-year budget projection for all funds.  All school district sin the state are now required to prepare a 4 year budget projection for all funds.  This projection was made using the OSPI Multi-Year tool to calculate the state apportionment, levy, LEA and other state funded program revenues.  Other local, state and Federal funds were estimated using percentage increases for each year.  Expenditure projections are based on various percentage increases in salaries, benefits and MSOC's, some which we can estimate based upon the collective bargaining agreements and the state legislature and some using percentage increases.  As you can see by the attacghed document, by year 4 (21-22) Woodland is projected to have a fund balance of negative $2,000,000.  Using this tool, many districts will be in the same boat by year 3 or year 4.  I have taken a look at a few local districts and found this to be the case.
Administrative Recommendation /MOTION/ "I move we adopt resolution 18-7 as presented"
Attached Files:
18-19 BUDGET F-195 FOR APPROVAL.pdf application/pdf 1M
18-19 BUDGET RESOLUTION.pdf application/pdf 81K
4-YEAR BUDGET PROJECTION.pdf application/pdf 503K