Mon May 11 2009, 7:00pm
WMS/WHS Commons
Regular Meeting


2009-2010 Calendar Approval

May 7, 2009


To: Michael Green

From: Craig Downs

Re: 2009-2010 School Calendar


Mr. Green, I am submitting for your review and board consideration the school calendar for 2009-2010. 

The calendar is base on 180 student days and 181 teacher days, which include one Learning Improvement Day this year rather than two.  We have also included 3 snow days during the second semester. 

The Calendar Committee consisted of 4 teachers, 2 classified employees, 2 secretaries, 4 parents, 1 board member, 2 administrators and me, as the chair.

Attached Files:
09-10 Calendar Final 05-07-09.pdf application/pdf 16B